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Stop worrying about the difficult and cumbersome bureaucratic procedures, we are your allies to make your life easier in Yucatán.


We are a company dedicated to helping you with the procedures to make your life easier and allow you to continue enjoying your daily life.

With more than 10 years of experience helping Expats and Snowbirds in Yucatán with our subsidiary companies Healthitinerary and Expat Insurance, we can offer a high quality service, putting your concerns and needs at the center of everything.


We are specialists and have extensive experience to help you in different procedures in the following institutions:

It focuses on helping all foreigners in legal migration processes, legal stay, among others.

It is responsible for collection, taxes and compliance with fiscal obligations.

Provides health care and social protection services.

It is dedicated to providing care to people over 60 years old to achieve quality and well-being with actions.


Funeral Package

This service is focused on giving you, your family and friends peace of mind when that time comes.

Testament Processing

We help you leave everything in order to avoid future problems.

Open Bank Accounts

We know that having a bank account in Mexico is increasingly necessary, which is why we support you in this process.


Protect your Health in Mexico with IMSS Family Insurance!

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Healthcare whenever you need it

We are committed with your health, providing you health services such as medical appointments, transportation and translation services, 24/7 emergency line assistance and more.

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We are a group of specialists dedicated to attending, understanding and solving the insurance needs of our clients, 100% bilingual and with a group of specialized doctors on site, more than 15 years in the field support us..

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